Pfister 015-M95K Rain Can Showerhead with Decorative Arm, Brushed Nickel

Pfister 015-M95K Rain Can Showerhead with Decorative Arm, Brushed Nickel

What we say:

You buy rain shower heads for two reasons: to have a relaxing shower experience and to beautify your bathroom. This shower head does both admirably. You get the gentle, soothing “rainfall” effect that you’re looking for, but you also get enough pressure to leave you feeling clean. The look is elegant, with a brushed nickel finish that should work well in both contemporary and traditional bathrooms. We really like this one. For the price, you can’t do better.

What the manufacturer says:

“The Pfister Rain Can and decorative Arm provides a torrential drenching shower experience. This striking, traditionally styled shower system is easy and fast to install, providing an instant upgrade to any bathroom. Pfister’s Rain Can is a luxurious, saturating and tailored shower system for anybody needing a simple way to improve the performance of their shower. The decorative shower arm included with this system completes the gorgeous, traditional look of this full-body shower experience. Installation: Pfister Rain Can Showerheads are designed to be easy and fast to install. Simply detach your existing showerhead from the shower arm protruding from your shower wall and then use the instructions included with this product to quickly install your new Pfister showerhead. The entire replacing and installation process should take no more than 5 minutes! Bathroom Upgrade: Replacing an existing showerhead with a new Pfister Rain Can Showerhead is a fast, cost-effective way to totally remodel the look and feel of your bathroom. This is also a product you will likely use frequently. Upgrading the look and performance of your shower is sure to improve the quality of your overall bathing experience. The optimized flow rates and functions of Pfister Rain Can Showerheads will improve your shower’s performance. Research also shows that performance-optimized showers help people use less water and spend less money. Available in 2 High-End Finishes: Polished Chrome and Brushed Nickel.”

What customers say:

– Chic looking (Click here to see full review)

– Better than the original (Click here to see full review)

– Beautiful shower head (Click here to see full review)

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars.

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